Im back...again!! VOTE FOR PETRA

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Im back...again!! VOTE FOR PETRA

Postby ladyday » Tue May 01, 2007 5:44 am

hii everyone

i no i keep dissapearin then poppin bk up again, hopefully now im workin there will b more chance 4 me 2 get online.
anywayy any1 fancy a trip 1 Jordan???
i say a Patty concert in Petra would be preeetyy amaazing!!

anyhoo, i dont no if uve heard about the new 7 wonders voting, but Petra is in the runnin, it would b a great help to us all here if we won as business would get much better in the tourism side which is the main business here in petra...Petra should be known to the world it rly is a seven wonder anywayyy
gooo toooo

vote pleaaseeeeee

any1 visited Petra??? wot ddid u thinl???
i got strength, courage and wisdom its been inside of me all along
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