HELP! getting a degree from home

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HELP! getting a degree from home

Postby ladyday » Sun May 06, 2007 2:28 am

okkk i need helpppp lol
I want to start a university degree here in Jordan but there are no unis near us and all the subjects i want 2 study r in arabic and im nowehere near that stage with the language yet....
anyhoo my 1st plan was the open uni, i found a great course International studies under grad, me and my husband were plannin 2 return 2 england 4 a few years so i could study and both of us work anyhoo due to financial reasons its not possible 4 us 2 get bk and the open uni wont allow me 2 do the course from here arrghhh its the only course ive found that rly interests me....
ive been searchin onlin for other institutions that may be good but im bnot gettin very far...
can anyone suggest anywhere to look?
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