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So Excited!!!

PostPosted: Mon Sep 20, 2010 7:15 pm
by Our Kid

For the last 3 plus hours, I have spoken with Ian!

Ian had been hounding me forever to get Skype loaded into my PC and I finally did it today. We just had the BEST conversation! All of you who have ever had meetups know the vibe.

Here is what I learned tonight:

*The canals are just for tourists now.
*John Smith's isn't bad by any stretch, it's just that Marston's is better.
*Delap has seen better days.
*Alex Harvey is Sensational.
Curry AND Oatcakes, please...
*Pulis is a knobhead.
*English cops don't pack.
*Ian calls them crisps as well, just like the other Limeys.
*Mad Steve is the King of the Finger Poke (sounds naughty but isn't).
*International slang can be very confusing.

There's more, but at this point I'll keep our friend's secrets safe. BAAAAAA

Ian, it was BRILL, in a word. Better yet, Was it BOSTING?

Was it fuck!

I highly recommend Skype to the PattyFamily. Works like a charm!!!

Cheers annat,


PostPosted: Thu Sep 23, 2010 4:42 pm
by Ian
Same time next week? :lol:

Seriously though, that Skype thingy is better than I had ever imagined and with me having it free on my mobile, it's pretty versatile too.
Hope to give you a call from The Britannia Stadium pretty soon. You can then also have a chat with the guys around me. Maybe take a straw poll on whether or not Pulis should be playing Ricardo Fuller from the start of the game or bringing him on as an impact substitute :wink: