Cocktail Disco

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Cocktail Disco

Postby B Minus Time Traveler » Mon Jun 11, 2007 6:03 pm

I just found the most perfect summer album (other than Mandy Moore's new single "Extraordinary," which is on heavy rotation in my iTunes). It's called "Cocktail Disco" by Dimitri From Paris. Although, technically, Dimitri only compiled the songs. I'm still confused about that -- I don't know which ones are old and new . . . or if they're all new, or all old . . . whatever. You guys, if you're having a part this summer, download or buy this cd (at least some of the songs). I'm having a beach party this summer and I plan on getting everyone drunk on mojitos and then starting an "impromptu" dance party. Fun stuff!!

I don't think you can listen to the songs here, but you can on iTunes and probably other sites.[/i]
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