Scarlatti Tilt / Daisy Chapman

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Scarlatti Tilt / Daisy Chapman

Postby Fool On Fire » Fri Sep 21, 2007 5:18 pm

British pianist Daisy Chapman's piano and vocals on her solo EP, Hymns of Blame remind me vaguely of Regina Spektor (especially "The Last Procession"). With her band, Scarlatti Tilt, there's more of a Fine Frenzy vibe, although her vocals and piano are constantly the center of attention (the notable exeption is the song "One Under," which is a bang-up Coldplay-ish rock'n'roll piano number). Their songs are so long they're almost opuses...which fits with the way she plays. She's clearly a lover of classical piano.

I found Scarlatti Tilt's cd Gathering of the Haunted while paging through the stacks at the radio station. I was intrigued by the title/artwork of the cd and the description, which the music director had called in her review "beautiful in the kind of way that makes you forget everything else." And then I did a little extra digging and found Daisy's solo EP.

cd baby page:
Scarlatti Tilt's website:

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