Broken Social Scene (and affiliates)

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Broken Social Scene (and affiliates)

Postby Fool On Fire » Thu Oct 11, 2007 11:42 am

Ok, so I couldn't find a separate thread for this group despite the fact that they seem to pop up everywhere...probably owing to the fact that they have about a thousand bandmembers, lol. But I love their brand of ambient indie rock, sometimes-instrumental-sometimes-not, with vocalists of every stripe adding interesting things to the mix. I would kill to see them live.

Their first album, Feel Good Lost, is an amazing instrumental record that kind of drips into your ears bit by bit; it sounds like blobs of color that all get blurred together. I love listening to it as I'm going to sleep; it gives me beautiful dreams. But they really hit their stride with You Forgot it In People, which is still my favorite of their records. Their self-titled record (their third LP) is beautiful as well, as are the little cds of b-sides, Bee Hives and To Be You and Me.

The band consists of (and I'm assembling these from going through my BSS cds) the core members:
Brendan Canning
Kevin Drew
Justin Peroff
Charles Spearin
Andrew Whiteman
Jason Collett
David Newfeld

...and the contributing artists, for which I had to visit Wikipedia to get a complete list:
Leslie Feist
Emily Haines
James Shaw
Evan Cranley
Amy Millan
Ohad Benchetrit
Martin Davis Kinack
Jo Ann Goldsmith
Torquil Campbell
John Crossingham
Lisa Lobsinger
Julie Penner

They pretty much define the concept of "supergroup," seeing as that list includes just about everybody who's anybody in Canadian music, and via BSS I've found out about more musicians than I can count (including Emily Haines/Metric, Amy Millan/Stars, Feist, Jason Collett, Raising the Fawn, Do Make Say Think, Treble Charger, and Kevin Drew, who just put out his first solo record). It's great cuz I don't just have to love them for their own perpetual brilliance, I can love them for introducing me to bucketloads of new people.

Is anyone else here is as sold on BSS as I am...?

just wonderin',
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