Joe Strummer

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Joe Strummer

Postby Rob » Wed Dec 19, 2007 10:00 pm

Any Clash fans out there? Dumb question?

Today I watched the film, Let's Rock Again, a documentary about Joe Strummer's final tour in 2002 with the Mescaleros. It's a great movie that's now playing on the Sundance channel. At one point in the film, Joe walks the boardwalk in Atlantic City handing out homemade flyers for his show :shock:. It's repeated on the 29th at 4:50PM according to the Sundance listings. Watch it or tape it. It's worth it to see a true music legend stripped down to some basics. And the music is awesome, of course.

After seeing it, I don't remember how, but I stumbled across this incredible clip of Joe playing with Mick Jones and the Mescaleros about five weeks before Joe unexpectedly died. As close to a Clash reunion as ever happened.

White Riot and London's Burning :shock: :shock: :D

RIP, Joe Strummer. :cry: :cry:
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