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A New Patty?

Postby Russell » Thu Jan 14, 2010 8:50 am

Seeing those YouTube videos posted yesterday by Little Kites (see here) brought to my mind this comment made by a reviewer of last October's 3GATB show for Soundstage:

I last saw [Patty] give a spellbinding performance at FitzGerald's at the time of her 1000 Kisses album. She's put out three more albums since then. It was striking Thursday to see how much her stage presence has grown. She's no longer a shy shrinking violet with enormous talent, but a confident and almost outgoing performer with the same awesome talent.

See here. The quoted comment is in the first of three reviews. The other two reviews were written by folks apparently not previously familiar with Patty, one of whom noted:

Griffin was the revelation of the night for me. Her five songs were varied in style, subject matter, and vocal approaches. As much as I could tell over five songs, her voice was surprisingly versatile. . . . I would not be surprised if Griffin is considered in the team photo of American treasures in a national--or even international--sense in the future. I think she has that kind of potential. I get the sense she's already building quite a reputation by word-of-mouth recommendations between music fans.

and from the other:

Griffin was awesome. She really sold me as the night went on. I plan on picking up all her records.

But I digress from the topic. There was also this review of Patty's Gruene Hall show last April:

The cool thing about this show was how much fun Patty had. She is normally not that animated, chatty, open, so to speak. . . . She danced a lot, smiled bunches, was very talkative and clearly had a great time.

See here.

While I agree that Patty was animated and chatty at Gruene Hall, she seemed to me to be even more so the night before at Floore's. I may have mentioned it here or somewhere before, but I was taken by complete surprise by her energy at Floore's (I expected to see the Patty that appears in the Artists' Den DVD) and, unlike the reviewer, was perhaps a bit more prepared for her outgoing stage presence at Gruene.

At any rate, I think it will be interesting to see how this plays out during her upcoming tour.
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