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Patty concert reactions

Postby elcorazon » Mon Feb 03, 2014 11:56 am

So, I went to see Patty Friday night at Metro. Hadn't been to the venue in about 20 years and it was nice to get to see Patty in an intimate venue (although sitting is nice, too). Anais Mitchell was great. I really enjoyed her set. I don't have any of her music so it was all new to me and I really felt she was quite a nice performer and seemed to be a cool person. Makes me want to pick up a CD of hers.

Patty performed with Craig Ross and I must say, once again, I am underwhelmed with Mr. Ross. I think the show would have been better with Patty totally solo or with accompaniment that was more complementary. Much of his playing was too loud, and often the music distracted from Patty's songs. I have to admit I haven't cared for his production of her albums either.

Having said all that, the show was otherwise fantastic. Patty's voice eventually overwhelmed the deficiencies of Ross and the sound quality, which early on, was lacking. This was one of my favorite setlists of hers, including such fantastic songs as "Poor Man's House", "Trapeze", "Getting Ready", "Icicles", "Cold as It Gets", "Up to the Mountain", "No Bad News" and "Heavenly Day, as well as "little God" and "Truth #2". She also played Dreaming as mentioned in another thread and "ohio", Don't Let me Die in Florida", "Get Ready Marie" and a Jimmy Durante cover that was so endearing, but not quite as endearing as her intro to it talking about Durante and his charms.

Her guitar playing was at it's best and after the sound issues and Ross' overwhelming sound early, her voice rose above the mix to shine as always. This show towered over the one last summer.

I'd love to hear others views on this tour as I'm sure I'm not the only one to make it out to see her.

Looking forward to the next tour already!
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