Five Questions With Patty

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Five Questions With Patty

Postby deaeterna » Thu Jun 28, 2007 9:11 pm

Posted on Sun, Jun. 10, 2007

By Preston Jones
Star-Telegram Staff Writer
It's all too easy to lapse into critical hosannas when discussing
Patty Griffin. The Maine-born, Austin-based singer/songwriter who
comes to Fort Worth tonight brings a vivid alto, incisive lyrics and
a string of excellent, diverse albums, including the recent Children
Running Through. Her music has been covered by a wide variety of
artists -- from Jessica Simpson to the Wreckers -- and her delicate,
determined sensibility has inspired a fresh generation of female
singer/songwriters like Brandi Carlile.
8 p.m. Sunday at Concerts in the Garden at the Fort Worth Botanic
Garden. $15-$45. 817-665-6000;

1So why the move to Austin?

Well, I knew people there -- I'd done some recording there -- but
then I met a man, I met a boy [laughs], and I was living in
Nashville at the time. We decided to give living together a shot in
Nashville or Austin, and Austin won.

2Have you found Austin creatively stimulating?

I think Austin -- it's all there for the pickin' -- but it's a lot
less structured than a lot of cities are, a lot of places you could
live in, so you have to make your own work ethic happen there.

3With so much polished, carefully positioned music in the
marketplace these days, are artists with rough edges being squeezed
out, made harder to find?

I think there are a lot of people that aren't recording in that
careful kind of fashion. There's so much pressure on people and
record labels and radio to make money. It didn't always used to be
about that, and it is now. People don't take chances -- things that
are less obvious are never, ever tried. ... [But] there's always
going to be soul, there's always going to be crazy-sounding
stuff ... there's always going to be good music out there, available
to people at some point.

4Do you ever hear other artists' takes on your songs that make you
rethink your approach to one of your own songs?

I really loved Solomon Burke's version of Up to the Mountain [on his
2006 album Nashville]. He recorded his before I recorded mine. I
just had a demo up to that point. ... I did my own [version] anyway -
- I like singing it. [But] it intimidated me, for sure.

5Your career's been mostly below the radar. Is the idea that you've
somehow not been successful the biggest misconception about you?

I guess that's probably the big surprise [for people]. You look
across the board at how many people there are singing and writing
songs, not making a living doing it and being pretty damn good at
it. I've been lucky enough to make a living at it, so I think that's
pretty good. I'm happy with that.
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