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Kickoff Time- Arizona Shows

PostPosted: Sat Mar 10, 2007 3:59 am
by Kelsea
What a blast! I'll have more on the show when I’m not on a patty high and running on 4 hours of sleep. The set list is as follows and I starred my faves from the night because I’m a dork.

1. J’irai La Voir Un Jour
2. Kite Song
3. Burgundy Shoes
5. Trapeze *
6. Heavenly Day *
7. I Don’t Ever Give Up
8. Love Throw A Line *
9. Up To The Mountain *
11. No Bad News *
12. Useless Desires *
13. Sweet Lorraine *
14. Long Ride Home *
15. Getting Ready *****

I must say I think this was one of the best Patty shows i've ever heard... said the extremely biased girl who just saw her 5 hours ago :D There are so many memorable versions of songs. Wardrobe wise she came out in a what I believe to be an olive colored pant suit, except with no pants but instead cropped shorts that cut off just below her knees, lacy black stockings, velvet-y looking boots (green I believe) and a very sleek/ sexy gray shirt underneath her jacket. The jacket and shorts were cut perfectly for her, the shorts has a very cute bow belt and I believe there was another like it on the jacket. For a girl I suck at explaining the clothing part but I’m sure if ya’ll ask nicely someone may post some photos… Patty looked stunning and very cute! I’ve never seen in her in an outfit like this before, except somewhat for one of the SHTR shows. Her hair was down and sort of teased, it didn’t look too curly.

When Patty came on stage she mentioned this was the kick off of her world tour and went straight into a beautiful version of J’irai La Voir Un Jour, which was dedicated to her grandmother who would have been 100 years old. The band came out and played an amazing version of Kite Song, which sounded especially great with strings and bass. Burgundy Shoes is so stunning live, she introduced it with the Craig Ross challenge and it being about “my mom and shoes.” After this they went right into a rockin version of SOTR. Patty then said after seeing Richard Thompson play solo (last year?) she became inspired/ confident enough to do so herself. Then stated “he kicks my butt.” Next up was my first favorite of the night, Trapeze. I’ve heard this one twice now and each time it just gets better. Bryn Davies does beautiful backing vocals and in general Trapeze is such a lovely song. The whole theatre was dead silent the whole time. Patty introduced Trapeze saying it was inspired by her first trip to the circus and how it was her first experience with glamour, then said cheekily “there’s another side to that story.” After that was my next fave of the night Heavenly Day, I’m really running out of ways to describe the caliber of her performances but it was so brilliant. Patty then asked the people in the balcony how they were doing, which they loved. She said “I went to a show the other day and he never looked up there once. Oh he/ she who knows, I’ll never tell. But I felt like yelling ‘Hey we’re up here’.” I haven’t really warmed up to the album version of IDEGU but I did enjoy it live. Alright guys, then Patty strolled into the most ass kicking version of Love Throw A Line ever, I’m claiming it right now. She did the best ending to LTAL I have ever heard, it went something like this (doesn’t do it justice) “show me, show me, show me, me me me, father father, love, oh hey yeah, love you better pick up your pace…and then a myriad of oooh’s and oh’s. Simply stunning! Afterwards everyone but Patty and Doug cleared out and the stage was lit so everything was dark but Patty/ Doug at center stage, which added to the moment. She sung her heart out and once again the theatre was dead silent. The band came back out and played a wonderful version of WIDCE, which was a welcome surprise. She sung the lyrics as “When you brake down” and “when you forget my love” instead of “if”. Patty then did the band intros… Bryn, Doug, Michael and Frank Swart on electric bass! This is the same Frank who used to be in her band a while back correct? He looks fairly different now lol but I think he is a tremendous addition the band. I definitely think people attending upcoming shows should expect to see the rocking side of Patty come back out. 8) :D Speaking of rock (cheesy segue but I’m tired) they played No Bad News next. Now I know everyone who attended the Lizard Lounge show claims to have seen the definitive version of NBN but you didn’t, because I just did :wink: Everyone was jamming so hard, the crowed was totally into it and Patty never took that smile off her face, it was great. She wrapped up with a very sweet version of Useless Desires which sounded amazing with the band. I was beginning to think I’d never hear this one again too. I was a little bummed to see that Patty was going to play a short set, I thought it’d be longer after Richard Thompson played 19 songs. But she was probably tired and it was nearly 11:40 by the time she was through. I must say I was very impressed with the crowed here in Tucson, I was expecting a lot less from my dear state but we delivered. There was an enthusiastic encore when she left the stage, which would have happened no matter what, cause there was no way Patty was skating having played only 13 songs. She came back out solo and said sternly “I don’t usually take requests” and went into Sweet Lorraine. As usual several people had been shouting for this throughout the night. I knew Sweet Lorraine had a decent chance (as long as Patty didn’t want to play because of requests), since she seems to have brought it out of the vault recently. Guys this was such a breathtaking version, I can’t even begin to explain. I keep saying this but I have never heard an ending like that before and Patty just let loose vocally. The rest of the band came back out and played Long Ride Home, much to the crowds excitement, especially mine. There were quite a few people singing along, as with Sweet Lorraine but I didn’t mind, it wasn’t done in an obnoxious manner. The whole band was singing also. Then the very last song of the evening and I think maybe my favorite of the night was Getting Ready- holy shit! Anyone who says Patty sings too loud is a complete tool. I haven’t heard her play such a rocking version of anything in a long time. Frank was hammering away at his bass, the percussion was fantastic and Patty was so far beyond fun to watch. She never once stopped smiling and this was the same for all the members in the band (well except Doug lol). I would kill for video/ audio of this to play for you guys. We tried for the second encore and I think in any other case we would have gotten it but it seems Patty was tired.

Anyways the venue was very nice and the theatre was pretty full. I must give kudus to the crowed because they were enthralled with the show. I actually think Patty may return to our sunny state before two years have elapsed. Also, Patty taped a session with a station here. I’m not 100% sure about the name of the station but I think it’s called The Mountain/ 92.9 maybe? I wrote down what day/ time it’s supposed to air somewhere in my notes but I’m not going to dig through and look for them tonight. I hung out with Nichole (arizonalily) most of the night and that was good fun. She snagged Patty’s set list and I got Bryn’s. I believe we both ended up with at least two promo posters/ flyers…truth be told I have four lol. The bus was parked in plain view from the venue so afterwards we waited outside to see if Patty might come out. While waiting we could hear Patty’s dogs barking so they clearly came along for the ride. She didn’t come out but a guy (who I recognize but can’t place) took our stuff inside the bus for Patty to sign. All in all, a very very good night, can’t wait to do it all again tomorrow. More later but this is all I could manage for tonight, it’s 3:00am and I am running on far too little sleep. I do apologize for any run on sentences, spelling boo boo's or anything that dosen't make sense. Man I love that woman! :D

Edited to add the links to the radio station. I still don't know when it's airing or if it will be available online.

PostPosted: Sat Mar 10, 2007 5:39 am
by lily
Wow... whatever Kelsea said, I'm sure it's just about right. I'll follow up sometime when I'm more awake with the full (or as close as humanly possible) human tape recorder transcript of what she said... though she wasn't very chatty, truth be told.

And as Kelsea promised, someone just may post pics: ... 580187333/

*yawn* Off to bed with me... tomorrow/today is another Patty-ful day!!!!!

PostPosted: Sat Mar 10, 2007 4:16 pm
by marybeth
Great review, Kelsea!!!! Wow it sounds awesome.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 11, 2007 1:08 am
by Kelsea
I can’t even process tonight’s show, there was so much going on. I had a fantastic time but right now everything is just a wonderful blur. This is the set list as I took it down, I don’t think anything is out of order or missing but it’s possible. More later…

Sound check:
1. Love Throw A Line
2. Stay On The Ride
3. When It Don’t Come Easy
4. Burgundy Shoes

1. Get Yourself Another Fool
2. Stay On The Ride
3. Trapeze
4. Useless Desires
5. Heavenly Day
6. Burgundy Shoes
7. Kite Song
8. Be Careful
9. When It Don’t Come Easy
10. No Bad News
11. I Don’t Ever Give Up
12. Love Throw A Line
13. Up To The Mountain
14. Top Of The World
15. Let Him Fly
16. Long Ride Home

PostPosted: Sun Mar 11, 2007 12:46 pm
by lily
AAAAhhhhhh. Two great nights. And she is just the most darling woman ever. SO sweet.
Before soundcheck she was out walking her puppies and so Kelsea and I hopped over there and I gave her a bag of dog treats and then she went back to the bus... she was kinda in a hurry.
She came out for sound check in brown/salmon sweatpant type things and a blue t-shirt and matching shoes. As Kelsea said, they did a few songs, nothing in full, and she didn't like the mic and she didn't like the sound of the stage... in fact she seemed a little more than upset at it, and she kinda stalked off the stage (but then that may have had something to do with the fact it took her several tries to find the door too...)
The show was incredible. She was a lot more confident than in Tucson and a little more chatty too. The audience seemed like they were gonna be a bunch of nasty drunks but for the most part they got it together and were pretty into it, which of course made Patty happy.
Immediately after the show, I made a super mad dash towards the exit and the bus and was able to catch her before she got in. She was like "Oh, you gave me the dog treats! I haven't tried em yet but they look good, thank you!" and we talked for a moment or two and the guy (Why can't I ever remember his name??) took our picture. :lol:
Then she hopped into the bus and I'm not sure if she was seen or heard from again...
What an amazing night.


PostPosted: Sun Mar 11, 2007 2:10 pm
by bluebird
Thanks so much for posting those beautiful pictures! What a great night it must have been. I am currently praying that Patty comes back to Philadelphia at some point during her tour because I can't wait to see her again :D

PostPosted: Sun Mar 11, 2007 3:55 pm
by Turk
Thank you, ladies, for the great details and awesome photos!
I guess Patty kinda got over not liking the mic or the stage at sound check. Wonder what she does from that time until showtime...
...besides walk her dogs...

PostPosted: Sun Mar 11, 2007 4:39 pm
by Arlene
I just love reading reviews like these from forum members. It brings me back to how excited I've been to see Patty live, especially at the CD release party/performance in NYC that I attended with Keith, Gillian and Niclole.


PostPosted: Sun Mar 11, 2007 11:08 pm
by Kelsea
These have been two of the most fun days I have ever had in my life. It’ll take a while to come down from these two shows but I can’t wait to do it again in Boulder.

Onward to last tonight, El Pedregal is an absolutely lovely venue with great sound. I got there a few hours early with intentions of walking around, since I was told I wouldn’t be able to listen to sound check. However when I got there I was able to walk right in and met up with Nichole who was already there. The band played sans Patty for a little while, then we spotted Patty walking her dogs back to the bus. I went with Nichole to give Patty the dog treats, she was in a hurry to get back to the bus but was sweet and took them. I can’t really remember any of the words that were exchanged, I was just standing there all nervous lol. I also must say, I’ve always known Patty is a petite women but when you actually see her up close, she really is tiny and so fragile looking. Afterwards she came back out and they played a few songs and worked out some kinks. During sound check Patty had on brown running/ track pants on with a light pink and salmon stripe at the top, a short blue t-shirt that ended a little above her pants and brown/ salmon running shoes. She didn’t finish any of the songs she played during sound check, just played enough to get a feel for things. Doug was shoeless the entire time, everybody had on sunglasses, t-shirts/ jeans (but Patty) and seemed to be enjoying the weather. Patty had those big sunglasses she wore some place like Washington or Oregon. The front row ended up being reserved for Patty’s family and “important” customers. I’m not sure which family members were in attendance but I think one of her brothers was.

Terremoto opened for Patty and they were fantastic! Terremoto consists of Michael Longoria and another guy named Luis (can’t remember his last name). They are a more instrumentally driven group with Latin/ Cuban/ Spanish influence. I knew Michael was an amazing percussionist going into this but he impressed me even further. He also has a lovely singing voice. Luis played bass/ percussion/ keyboard (I think) and vocals. He was very talented as well. They played 5-6 songs and I really wish I had taken some video. I’ll definitely be buying their cd and if they come back around to AZ, I would love to go see them. They were very grateful to be opening for Patty. Very talented.

I’m not going to say as much about all the songs as I did in my last review but there wasn’t one song that didn’t blow me away. The sound was very near perfect and Patty held back nothing vocally in any of the songs. She sounded very strong and looked to be having a great time. The place was packed and everybody was amped to be seeing her. You can see the outfit pretty well in Nichole’s pics. I don’t recall ever seeing her in a similar skirt, let alone without any stockings covering her knees. She looked very cute, her hair was down and seemed redder.

My favorites of the night, though it is unusually hard to choose, were GYAF, Useless Desires, Heavenly Day, Kite Song, Be Careful, No Bad News, LTAL, UTTM, TOTW and Let Him Fly. As Nichole mentioned there was more banter last night, unfortunately I was unable to catch it all. After Useless Desires Patty asked “how many people here are resort goers?” which no one in the crowed was. A man then yelled “we tell them to go elsewhere” and Patty responded laughing “shhh no you don’t.” She then progressed to the matter of not playing in Arizona for over 2 years, which many in the audience including me hadn’t forgotten. She said she really does love the desert/ Arizona and a few things around that line. “I think my booking agent just sees the red hair and white skin and just thinks I’m gonna melt here. If depending on the city and time of year, this is a definite possibility. “I just seem to go straight to LA,” the crowd had nothing to say to that but “boooo” and Patty said wincing at all the boos “I know, but I’m here now.” While walking over to the piano Patty said “I gotta a little static cling thing going in the desert. What’s the recommendation, hair spray? The audience agreed and Patty said something to the gist of “It’s always something bad cosmetically for the environment. “During Burgundy Shoes the electric bass or cello flared up a couple times and Patty gave Bryn and annoyed look, Bryn nodded and smiled and Patty smiled back. I was worried in the beginning about there being sound problems because of how sound check went, and I know Patty will cut a set short if she isn’t happy with the sound. But everything went well. After Burgundy Shoes they played a haunting version of Kite Song. The electric bass and cello really add to this one. After Be Careful (OMG) Patty said “I don’t usually stick to the set list and I have all night so far, so Doug is a little confused.” Nearing the end of her set Patty said “I gotta get out here more often,” followed by a few other things I couldn’t get down fast enough. Then “see you next year, sooner rather than later. We’ll just meet up here again. Is that alright with you guys, same place next year? I really do love it out here. Something being in to the desert is like going to the ocean, very relaxing. Makes you feel (making hand gesture) this big.” Now I’m not certain on the exact sequence of that exchange, maybe someone else can help out there. It was funny though because when Patty said “It’s great to be here, this is a lovely city” in Tucson, the room was dead silent (no woos, cheers or anything) because I think most everyone in the audience are aware Tucson sucks. And when Patty said it her voice was just completely flat. However in Scottsdale she sounded very sincere and happy to be here. Either Patty is a great liar or she really will be back more often. After coming back on stage for the encore Patty said “My brother says I mumble when I’m out here on stage.” This was my reasoning for thinking her brother may have attended, I also spotted a couple other people who resembled Patty. The audience was very attentive and responsive the whole night and I thought we’d get the second encore but no luck.

After the show I went and got a set list, a women rushed the stage and took like 5 of them but I managed to get Doug’s. I suppose I’ll just work my way through the band until I get to Patty lol. I wasn’t as quick as Nichole getting back to the bus and missed Patty. I waited for a while after but it was pretty clear she wasn’t coming back out. There were a few other people waiting as well, one of them knocked on the door and Doug came out. After they were finished talking to her, I asked if Patty might sign something for me and Doug said “sure”. He asked my name and the spelling then took it inside, then came back out a few minutes later and we chatted for a little bit afterwards. He’s a really nice guy. A little while later Bryn, Michael and Luis made their way back to the bus and I chatted with Michael and Luis for a few min. They were both very nice, especially Michael who said “he was very blessed to be opening for Patty. She was the one who really encouraged me to do this and I wouldn’t be here without her. These are all such nice venues and there will be large audiences so this will be good for us.” He said that he’ll be playing with Patty for 30 days and made it sound like after that he’d be working on things for Terromoto. He was a very nice guy and seemed happy to chat. A shuttle for the hotel/ resort pulled up Harry Potter style and I took my leave. However, 10 minutes into my trip home I realized when I had jumped up to get the set list my other memory stick which had been in my lap was gone. I checked my bags and of course didn’t have it so I had to go back. The bus was still there, I don’t know if Patty took the shuttle or not but her crew was getting the trailer loaded. Nothing was closed when I went back but Dave (the guy who booked the show, who I know) and the man who had been walking Patty’s dogs with her earlier were sitting and discussing the business portion of the show. I explained about the memory stick, Dave said “of course you can go look for it” at the same time the other man said “Oh no, you better go see if you can find it. Hope it’s still there.” He was very nice and I’m almost certain he was the man walking Patty’s dogs in the AKIT dvd, he was on there somewhere at least. Luckily it was right where I was hoping it would be. I ran into the guitar tech (can’t remember his name) who had hooked me up with the set lists both nights again. He was such a sweet guy both shows. So there is another mind numbingly long review from me to you. This tour promises to be a blast and I just had so much fun. I may or may not have some video to post later on. Thanks for posting the pics Nichole, they turned out great!

PostPosted: Mon Mar 12, 2007 12:25 am
by marybeth
Nichole, your pictures are stunning, as ever. Thanks for posting those. And thanks again for the reviews ,you two!

PostPosted: Mon Mar 12, 2007 4:57 pm
by Kelsea
Okay, I've posted some pictures and video from the Pedgregal show. I'll be uploading video all night, so if you check in a few times there should be some new ones. There is also some stuff from the Rocky Mountain Folks Fest and other artists. I may upload them to youtube later on because there is a hiss on photobucket that shouldn't be there. Sorry for the lack there of organization. Anyways go to then login as KelseaC18 and use the password Pedregal. Let me know if you have any problems.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 12, 2007 9:55 pm
by paulbaptiste
awesome Kelsea, wish she would make her way into Indiana. until then, i can live through your experiences, watching the video of up to the mountain, bout the same quality as i have from the americana folk festival, this song is so amazing live. thanx

Thnax you both!

PostPosted: Mon Mar 12, 2007 10:18 pm
by irishcornboy
Kelsea and Nicole, thanks for the reviews and the photo links, (though I whish I could copy a few). I now recognize you both from being at both shows. I had a green shirt (with tons of embroidered designs on it) at the Scottsdale show and a white embroidered Mexican shirt on in Tucson. Both nights I made eye contact with you Kelsea. In Tucson I was with my partner and in Scottsdale, I was with two friends. I live in Phoenix. You may have seen me around town before, spend lots of time (and money) shopping music at Zia, Hoodlums and at Stinkweeds.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 13, 2007 5:07 am
by keith from ny
Thanks Kelsea and Nichole for your wonderful reviews, they've really been a joy to read! I'm looking forward to checking out the photos and videos later today.