Seattle 3-19-07

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Seattle 3-19-07

Postby Elizabeth » Tue Mar 20, 2007 11:26 pm

OK, to preface this I had a huge fight with my husband in the theater before Patty took the stage and he walked out, so that put quite a damper on the evening. And yes, I did indeed stay and watch the concert in it's entirety.

ASIDE from that, Patty was amazing. This was my third time seeing her, second in the Moore theater (my fav venue). The sound and lighting were perfect as always.

I was sitting right in front of Patty in the second row and she looked freaking fantastic. She was wearing a brown sweater dress with a big black belt high on her waist and red patent leather heels. She seemed very happy and upbeat and chatted with the mellow crowd quite a lot.

Not quite sure of the setlist but highlights for me were;

Trapeze - This was the third song I believe. When it picked up at the end I lost my breath. Shivers and goosebumps like crazy.

First Star- This was my first time hearing this song, I don't even have a boot with this on it (she sang it last year in concert right?). And this was where the waterworks begun...what a beautiful song.

When It Don't Come Easy- One of my favorite Patty songs. The best live version I have heard. This is a "special" song between me and my idiot husband though, so it kind of pissed me off a little. Ah well.

No Bad News - The liberal Seattle crowd ate this up. They rocked it.

Heavenly Day - Perfect.

Up To The Mountain- This was the main highlight for me. The lights went blue and Patty and Doug took center stage. Flawless, just flawless. I really lost it during this. After seeing the goings on earlier in the night and then seeing me hysterical during this song, the people around me must have thought I was schizophrenic (I don't blame them).

They did two encores and that is a pretty big deal here in Seattle.

I was praying she would do TOTW but it didn't happen.

The show was beautiful and nothing, not even my little mini drama, could ruin that.
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Postby Turk » Wed Mar 21, 2007 12:12 am

Sorry about your "incident," Elizabeth, but thanks for reporting the show to us. I'm sure you're not the first one to go schitzo at a PattyShow. She is just that good. I bet "Up to the Mountain" is amazing live.

Thanks again. Love and hugs...
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