indianapolis show?

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indianapolis show?

Postby paulbaptiste » Sun Apr 08, 2007 8:07 pm

anybody coming, was so suprised by this, was on my way out of town for work and heard that she was coming on the radio, travelled last year to TN to see her at the americana folk festival, well worth it, but so great to only drive 15 minutes. didn't know if anybody from the board would be there, and i should be recording it, so hell ya
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Postby paulbaptiste » Sat Apr 28, 2007 10:28 pm

and i did record, let me preface this by saying, this is a drunk post, i have no setlist yet, i have only my experience, which was much harsher than it had to have been,

i bought ticket way late, looked up the info, they said "no camera/no recorders,bught my gear 2 days before the show, and studied and studied and studied on how to make a decenst recordings

so i assumed i would be checked, wanded, metal decteced, ect. and figured out an outfit on what would best suit me,

i chose to wear a pocketed t=shirt, i cut a hole trhought the pocket so i could run my mic up, under my shirt and piece it throug my pocket so , no one would notice ect. and put on a button up over that so i coulld just release some buttons, expose my mic, and recordings will follow smoothly

and for the rest of the gear: i wore too pairs of boxer briefs and a pair of gym shorts, i hid my recorder within one of those layers of briefs, and walked akward up to the 45 minute early line, that was already waiting to see patty
that was my outfit

so i went to patty griffin, parked a half mile away, tucked the recording gear under my genitals, mic's in my socs, everything else in my socks, and guess what, all unnecessary

no check, no wands, no nothing,

so i get in the vogue, walk direcly to the bathroom to hook up my gear, 3 toilets, 1 stall, that stall without a door, so i take everything out of my socks, out of my special place, and i have been interuped 4 times by now, and put it in my pocket, walkout onto the street and set up pre=recording:

none of this is needed, but this is my first show, i'm noid, and short sotrhy sweet, the show turned out very good, very goood
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A Place to Stand
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Postby Kelsea » Sat Apr 28, 2007 10:48 pm

Haha Nick. Very nice, lovin the effort! Glad you had a good time, enjoy your drunkenness, hopefully headache free tomorrow.
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Postby paulbaptiste » Sun Apr 29, 2007 10:25 am

i'm not headache free.

i'm suprised my writing above from last night was somewhat coherent, my wife woke me up this morning asleep in the rocking chair in front of the computer!! beers and cigarettes halo-d around my head, now if only i was an artist that would have been a romantic picture. she wakes me up, stirs me from my drunken stupor and buried underneath the ashes on the desk is a short story i wrote for her, didn't happen.

i'm transferring my recording right now and will try and master it soon, although i know nothing of mastering. downloading soundforge right now and gonna see if i can figure it out, if anybody has any advice on the matter it'd be appreciated. will update the setlist as i listen to this

1. french song
2. another fool
3. stay on the ride
4. trapeze
5. useless desires
6. burgandy shoes
7. first star
8. you never get what you want
9. be careful
10. when it don't come easy
11. no bad news
12. love throw a line
13. heavenly day
14. i don't ever give up
15. up to the moutain
16. gettin ready (encore)

patty had a *$*$ curfew, had to be out by 10pm so that the little hip hoppers could come in and get pregnant on the dance floor, great show though,
my sister is singing backup vocals on a few of these songs, good thing she has a nice voice and it doesn't take away from patty. i explained to her very kindly to please "shut up", do not talk during the songs, you may talk inbetween, but not during, i did not anticipate the singing along, but for the rest of it she used sign language; do you want a beer (sign language) and i nod (yes in sign language) .

and she refrained from laughing at me out loud (she signed that too) as i stood like a statue next to the speakers trying not to bump my mic, with my head turned sideways so the security guy above me on the steps couldn't see my earphones. i was still almost the whole time till 'no bad news' you just can't stand still durning that song.

show notes: she played first star and dedicated it to scotty from star trek, and took the time to explain scotties role for all the 20 somethings in the audience.
-she also told us that she sang the national anthem a couple of times for the colts games years ago-
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Postby Turk » Sun Apr 29, 2007 11:05 am

Your post was an absolute hoot, Paul.
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