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The Ukiah Show (7/22)

PostPosted: Mon Jul 23, 2007 4:57 pm
by sfboy
HI Everyone

Sorry I don't have time to give a full review now. I'll have it up tomorrow. Patty was amazing, as usual. Here's the setlist.

1. Get Yourself Another Fool
2. Stay on the Ride
3. Trapeze
4. Useless Desires
5. Burguny Shoes

solo set
6. Tomorrow Night
7. Sweet Lorraine
8. Long Ride Home
9. Be Careful

10. When It Don't Come Easy
11. No Bad News
12. Love Throw a Line
13. Heavenly Day
14. I Don't Ever Give Up
15. Truth #2

16. Up to the Mountain
17. Rain
18. Getting Ready

I'm leaving in another hour or so to go back up to Santa Rosa for Pattynight #2/3 (2 of 3, not two thirds--Patty is never less than 100%!).


PostPosted: Tue Jul 24, 2007 2:37 pm
by sfboy
OK, so now for the review. I hope you all don't mind if I sort of blog on and on about all the pre-concert stuff, too. It's just all so fun...

Ukiah is a really small town about 120 miles north of SF. Since I didn't want to drive back after the show, I got a hotel about 2 minutes from the venue, which was the very very small (400 person max, I think) Mendocino college auditorium. Toni and I got up there in the early afternoon and then went into town to check the place out and get some lunch. I knew it was small, but I had no idea it was THAT small. Downtown was about 3 blocks long. I parked the car and saw Dig! Music, the record store (it's so funny, I still call them record stores--CD store, I guess) that I'd called to get the tickets. Both times I called the people I talked to were super friendly and real Patty fans, so I was already feeling the vibe. The store was closed, but the windows were plastered w/ Patty articels and promos for the conert. so I took some pics. This was part of the amazing vibe that I really loved. Down here in the Bay Area, ticket purchasing is completely anonymous, and you get the standard Ticketmaster ticket. But the tickets for this concert were actually unique, w/ Patty's pic on them and made of cool yellow paper. And with handwritten numbers on them ( and check out the numbers on the pics)! I felt like I'd gone back to a much frieindlier, personal, connected place in time. Anyway...

Toni and I had lunch. We walked up and down the street to scope out the restaurants, and almost every single business on the main street had a Patty poster in the windwow. I just couldn't stop smiling.

Toni and I went back to our hotel, took a snooze, got a pizza to take to the concert, and then headed over to the venue. Ukiah is in an absolutely beautiful part of California, and in July it's really hot, but dry. I was about 85, I'm guessing, which is perfect for me. When we were parking the car, we saw Patty's bus and the band, but no Patty. Toni and I got in line. We thought we'd be the first, but to our surprise there were 3 women in line already. They turned out to be really GREAT GREAT GREAT. (Tina, Eralene and Etta). We all talked and had a great time in line, and then we sat near each other in the tiny little theater. Also, I met Michael and Denise, the owners of Dig! Music. They were working hard to make sure that the concert went off without any problems. They were just so kind and full of good spirit and such big Pattyheads that I couldn't help but have a big smile on my face.

So the show. I enjoyed Scott Miller a lot, and he got a good reception from the Ukiah audience.

Now Patty. There aren't enough superlatives to descirbe Patty, but you all know that. She's just so amazing. Get Yourself Another Fool was a great silky intro. I realized that it was almost like she wanted to start the concert doing Children Running Through, in order, but she substituted that song for You'll Remember. Stay on the Ride was fun, but the first shining moment for me was Trapeze. I just love that song and love hearing it live. Useless Desires brought down the house. Burgundy Shoes was transcendent. Then came the first suprise of the night. Tomorrow Night is not one of my favorite Patty songs, but this version was amazing. She did a lot of be bop scat jazz vocals and it really transformed the song. Then she did Sweet Lorraine, which was, in Patty's words, fiery. And Long Ride Home...what a treat. One of my favorite Patty songs, and with Michael's amazing tambourine/percussion adding to the beat, it made it even better. I didn't want it to end. Be Careful was also amazing. Her vocals were just so clear and pristine. I don't know how long Patty has been doing this, because I don't remember her doing it at the other California shows, but she sang, "All the girls in the Ukiah night", which I think was sort of dripping in irony since she'd said earlier in the show that she'd never heard of Ukiah before and she sang it as if it were a German or maybe Hebrew word, with a very gutteral K sound. When It Don't Come Easy and No Bad News were big crowd favorites. Love Throw a Line is another songs of Patty's that is, in my humble opinion, MUCH better live. The piano parts that Ian (I'm sorry, but I don't remember exactly what his last name is) added were so amazing. God, that man knows how to play the piano and how to play in a band (I guess being in the Faces is a pretty good way to start your music career!). Heavenly Day was nice, and I found myself really getting into I Don't Ever Give Up. Truth #2 was a wonderful surprise. I love Patty's rocking live version. The audience was on its feet in an instant and didn't have to wait long for an encore. Up to the Mountain was wonderful, as was Rain, but it was Getting Ready that really got everyone (or at least Etta, Tina, Earlene, Toni and me) up on our feet.

Toni's from Brazil and hadn't ever heard of Patty until I started bombarding him with her music about 3 weeks ago. He's a Pattyhead too now, and it was really interesting to hear his impressions. He agreed that live she's totally different than on CD, that her presence is amazing and that she seems so shy and retiring in interviews yet so vibrant and expressive when she sings. He also said something that was really funny. He said that it looks like she's barely opening her mouth when she sings, and yet the power of her voice would make it seem like she was singing at the top of her lungs, with her mouth wide open. The next night I watched her and realized he was right. Often her mouth is barely open and yet the sound coming from her body is HUGE!

OK, well, that's all for now. I'm going to try to add some pics (only one of Patty, sorry, but thanks to Etta). Let's see, hopefully I can do this...


PostPosted: Tue Jul 24, 2007 4:31 pm
by sfboy
OK, so I'm lame when it comes to technology. Who can tell me how to load pics from my comuter to this thread? (I have a Mac, BTW).


PostPosted: Thu Jul 26, 2007 4:14 am
by Kelsea
Thanks a bunch for the reviews and set lists Kevin! Sounds like you had a wonderful trio of shows, glad you were able to make them all.

PostPosted: Wed Nov 14, 2007 6:40 pm
by sfboy
HI all.

Denise and Michael, the amazing people who own Dig! Music up in Ukiah, and who risked their financial necks to bring Patty to such a small town in Northern California, just sent me a soundboard mix of this show. It's great quality (not quite radio quality, but almost). Anyway, I'll be happy to send it out to the first 5 people who'd like it (and maybe you can send it out to a few people, too).


PostPosted: Thu Nov 15, 2007 1:46 am
by marybeth
I'd like one Kevin!

PostPosted: Thu Nov 15, 2007 8:34 am
by notalone
I can spread this around.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 15, 2007 8:54 am
by keith from ny
Wow, somehow I missed this show review entirely back in July! Great account of what sounds like it was a magical day, Kevin. Needless to say, I'd love a copy of the show and can offer it back up.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 15, 2007 9:01 am
by Arlene
Me too. And I promise to reoffer.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 15, 2007 2:32 pm
by sfboy
OK, so it's Keith, Arlene, Bilbo, Marybeth,and Denis. Can you all please just PM me your addresses? I've traded with many of you, but I"m really bad at keeping addresses, so if you can just send them again, that would be great (Marybeth, I got yours--thanks!).

And if anyone else really wants it and begs--whoops, I mean asks-- really nicely:)...


PostPosted: Thu Nov 15, 2007 4:59 pm
by Kelsea
I would love a copy but can wait tell the first shipments are out. I can burn on for 1-2 people. Thanks for spreading the wealth Kevin!

PostPosted: Thu Nov 15, 2007 6:10 pm
by Arlene
Kelsea and Bruce-

I'll send you copies as soon as I receive mine from Kevin


PostPosted: Fri Nov 16, 2007 1:44 am
by marybeth
Who else wants it? I can send some. Any Euro-folk?

PostPosted: Fri Nov 16, 2007 4:38 pm
by flamingred09
I would love to have a copy too, if it's no trouble.

Thanks a lot,

PostPosted: Fri Nov 16, 2007 5:13 pm
by Ian
marybeth wrote:Who else wants it? I can send some. Any Euro-folk?

I'm a Euro-folk :wink:

A copy of this would be good!