3 Girls and Their Buddy- Ann Arbor

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3 Girls and Their Buddy- Ann Arbor

Postby Arlene » Sun Jan 27, 2008 6:10 pm

Just got back from Ann Arbor where I saw Patty, Emmylou, Shawn and Buddy at the Ann Arbor Folk Festival.

Good news for all who missed out on this mini tour-- Emmylou said this was the final show of this tour "for about six months" but we all definitely plan on performing together again in this format, even if I have to personally bribe everyone to keep a future chunk of dates open.

Here's my best shot at a set list:

Pancho and Lefty (Emmylou)
Chief (Patty)
Shotgun Down the Avalanche (Shawn)
Shelter Me (Buddy w/Patty)
Red Dirt Girl (EH)
Backwater Blues (PG)
Cinnamon Road (SC w/PG & EH)
Let It Be Me (BM and SC) (awesome Everly Bros. duet cover)
My Antonia (EH & BM)
I Want To Be With You Always (PG & BM on Lefty Frizzell cover duet)
Long and Lonely Road (SC w/all on Judy Sill cover)
All My Tears (BM w/EH)
All I Left Behind (EH)
Sleep's Dark and Silent Gate (PG w/SC and all)(UNBELIEVABLE Jackson Browne cover- first time ever performed!!!) (as my friend Carole said to me, and she's never really gotten why I attend shows by my favorite artists 25 or even 50 different times-- "NOW I understand why you have to go to EVERY show; it's so you can experience a moment like that!")
Song by Shawn-- can't recall what or read my handwriting)
Poison Love (BM and SC)
Long Gone (EH w/PG and all)
Mad MIssion (PG and all)
Mississippi on My Mind (SC w/all on Jesse Winchester cover)
New Julie Miller song (BM w/PG)
Mary (PG and all)
Green Pastures (EH and all artists performing at Folk Festival)

The definite highlight for me was Patty's stunning cover of Jackson Browne's Sleep's Dark and Silent GateYour Bright Baby Blues. It was also interesting to hear her duet with Buddy on the Lefty Frizzel cover, I Want To Be With You Always. Of course, Backwater Blues was great. Chief wouldn't have been my choice for her opener, and for that number, her mic wasn't turned up high enough but that was fixed later. Patty's harmony on Buddy's rendition of the new Julie song was great and I loved hearing her backing vocals on Shawn's Cinnamon Road. Shelter Me with Buddy always kills me but again, her mic wasn't turned up loud enough for that number. Mad Mission was a little disappointing only because there were a lot of monkey spanking going on and I could have lived with the monkeys', uhhh, harmonies.

As for non-Patty numbers, Buddy and Shawn's duet on Let it Be Me was just terrific, Shawn's covers of Judy Sill's Long and Lonely Road and Jesse Winchester's Mississippi on my mind-- both with prominent harmonoies by all, were GREAT. And it was really interesting to hear Buddy and Emmylou join vocal forces on All My Tears-- I've heard both sing this solo, and I've heard Emmy sing lead with Buddy doing some harmony but I'd never heard it with Buddy singing lead and Emmy doing prominent harmonies.

Other thoughts-- while I very much enjoyed Patty on the small drum, it seemed like Emmylou and Shawn had also borrowed percussive instruments from Michael Longoria, such as shakers and things and frankly, I think I'd have preferred just voices and guitars.

I love this type of format and it's wonderful to hear these artists perform songs that aren't in their regular set lists. If this group tours again together 6 months from now or whenever... I URGE you to check them out.
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Postby sfboy » Sun Jan 27, 2008 8:07 pm

Wow, what an unexpected gem! Thanks for the info, Arlene. I have to say that Patty always choses great covers. I hope that I can hear this one at some point.

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Postby keith from ny » Sun Jan 27, 2008 11:05 pm

Thanks for the write-up, Arlene! Really wish I could catch one of the dates on this tour, but I'm very happy to hear there are likely to be more to come.
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Postby KarenL » Mon Jan 28, 2008 11:36 am

Thanks for the great details, Arlene. What Keith said :) I'm glad to hear that the tour may have additional dates to come.
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Postby gillian » Mon Jan 28, 2008 12:23 pm

Sounds like you had a great time Arlene... I would love to see this tour again!

I would have loved to have heard Mad Mission (with monkeys please!) and Cinnamon Road. And I don't know the Jackson Browne cover, but I'm sure it was great as well... it's always fun to hear new covers!
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Postby Turk » Mon Jan 28, 2008 12:57 pm

I should've known that Patty was a JB fan. I would love to've heard Sleep's Dark and Silent Gate. I believe she also did Your Bright Baby Blues previously with this gang.

Thanks for that recount of the show, Arlene!
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Postby ChuckS » Thu Feb 14, 2008 11:12 am

I posted this elsewhere a while back, and thought I'd put it here also:

I drove to Michigan for the 31st Ann Arbor Folk Festival at Hill Auditorium. I've attended this event 10 or 12 times, and have enjoyed every show. Hill Auditorium is a grand century-old venue that has played host to virtually everyone who is anyone in classical music, as well as performers as diverse as Peter Tosh, Prince, Santana, the Chieftains, Melissa Etheridge, Stevie Ray Vaughan, B.B. King, etc., etc.

After arriving in town, I made a poster sweep around downtown, coming up empty handed in the city that over the years has provided me more posters than any other. (Anyway, I was able to buy a Folk Festival poster at the show.)

Jonathan Edwards was MC for the evening, and with one exception that I'll get to shortly, he did a poor, poor job. Metro Detroiter Jill Jack's energetic set kicked off our evening. I saw her several years ago at a club near Detroit. I enjoyed her show then, and I enjoyed her set quite a bit last night.

After her set, Jonathan Edward told how he was invited to perform at a Mayday Festival in D.C., and ended up not taking the stage until daybreak on May 2nd. He then played for us the song he had played then, which was, well, you know. It was very cool, made even more so when the next act, Kenny White, added some rollicking piano as the song progressed. It was a great segue into his set.

Otis Taylor followed, playing banjo, guitar, and harmonica, accompanied by his daughter on electric bass and vocals, and joined by the great Colin Lindin who nicely adorned the set with some tasty slide on his resonator guitar. I really liked Taylor's bluesy set.

After Glenn Phillips' set, Colin Lindin returned to the stage with Stephen Fearing and Tom Wilson; together they comprise Blackie and the Rodeo Kings. (There is no Blackie - the name comes from a Willie Bennett song.) [Note: At this point, I have provided far, far more information than Jonathan Edwards did in his intro, which, in full, was "Next up is BARK", followed by an awkward silence. Lame MCs have been the bane of the Ann Arbor Folk Festival on more than one occasion - Matt Watroba and Robert Jones should do a training seminar] More than a year ago, I became a fan of BARK from the opening moments of their set at a Los Lobos show the night before the Cowboy Junkies train embarked on its trip across Canada, and they were a key part of the afternoon train sessions. Besides their BARK work, each has his own solo career, so I like to think of them as a sort of Canadian version of the Flatlanders. Stephen and Tom drive things along with rhythm acoustic guitar, while Colin is the real guitar hero on electric, much of it slide. Their all-too-brief set was comprised of:

Water or Gasoline
Let's Frolic
49 Tons ("We're afraid of Fred Eaglesmith - he works out")
Swinging from the Chains of Love
White Line

The second half of the show consisted of the finale of the "Three Girls and Their Buddy" The show was the same format as the Cleveland show I attended, with similar special collaborations and rarities, but the song selection was quite a bit different. The between song chatter was wittier and briefer, leading to a better paced performance in my opinion. Buddy again made a couple self-deprecating remarks about his presence with the three ladies, adding "I'll try to keep my songs as short as possible", but Emmylou had the best line of the night: "We figured you could see performers who rehearse anytime, so we thought we'd give you something different." The squeaking monkey toys that Buddy had given them were used as backing vocalists on Mad Mission (quite effectively, believe it or not).

Pancho and Lefty (E)
Chief (P)
Shotgun Down the Avalanche (S) (a favorite of mine)
Shelter Me (B, and so on)
Red Dirt Girl
Backwater Blues
Cinnamon Road
Let it be Me (beautiful duet with Shawn joining Buddy on this Everly Brothers oldie)
My Antonia
I Want to be with You Always
There's a Rugged Road
All My Tears
All I Left Behind (beautiful!)
Sleep's Dark and Silent Gate (Shawn joining Patty for this Jackson Browne gem)
That Don't Worry Me Now (a great one from her new CD)
Poison Love
When We're Gone Long Gone (another great choice)
Mad Mission (loved them monkeys!)
Mississippi You're on my Mind (Shawn did a great job on this, her first-ever performance of the Jesse Winchester song)
"All I Did Was Help You Lie" (new Julie Miller song that doesn't have a name yet)

Grand Finale:
Green Pastures (joined by all of Saturday evenings performers, with a great Buddy solo on the mandobird, handing off to Colin Lindin for some nice slide work, then at the next break, Colin leading off before Buddy took over).
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