My Patty filled week in Aus

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My Patty filled week in Aus

Postby meegs123 » Thu Apr 03, 2008 8:48 pm

So I'm a couple weeks behind here, but I am already having serious Patty withdrawals. I was lucky enough to catch Patty for the first time in November when she came to Brisbane, I took my mother and we were so blown away by her. So when we heard she was coming back in March with her band we immediatly booked tickets and we got front row! I also booked a 5 day pass for Byron Bay Blues and Roots. The whole festival was amazing and I was so excited to think that I would wrap up a fantastic 5 days of music with Patty.

She only played for an hour and I think she was a little sick because after every song she coughed quite a bit, but it really didn't affect her voice at all, maybe she held some notes a little shorter but other than that. I can't remember exactly what she sang specifically but I remember she sang Poor Mans House, Stay On The Ride, No Bad News, Long Ride Home, a semi acoustic version of Flaming Red, a Bessie Smith cover (because we were at a Blues festival), she finished off with Up to The Mountain. Patty commented on how short it was and how she felt she was just getting started, but she got a massive applause for the encore and then another, I think we were hoping she'd play even longer as she was the last act on the stage. She drew a pretty big crowd too as John Fogerty and the Black Crowes were also playing in other tents at the same time.

And that brings me to Patty's concert in Brisbane. She came on with Doug Lancio and Michael Longoria and opened up with a cover that I can't remember, I think it was Tom Waits? But I could be lying completely. She did a bit of a piano set of 3 songs; Burgundy Shoes, a cover of Summertime, which I can honestly say was the moment I realised just how extroadinary her voice is, I have only ever once before recognised a voice that sounds less human and more like an instrument, where it flows so perfectly and that is with Ella Fitzgerald, and now with Patty, it really blew me away. Michael Longoria was also incredible, he played part of No Bad News on a music stand as well as his 'home made drum kit he managed to fit into a suitcase', I remember my mother whispering that he was so mesmerising to watch, she almost found him distracting. She finished up with Mil Besos and then left the stage before her encore and realising she had another half an hour to go as she had trouble thinking of a setlist earlier so she hadn't written one. She was going to sing one last song with Doug and Michael but Michael had left for a beer and they couldn't find him so they all just wondered off the stage which was a pity as I was hoping she would sing Trapeze and have a bigger more noticable finish. But over all, just as amazing and mesmorizing as the first time I saw Patty. Now I am just wishing I could see her live again, I've almost gotten used to it as a regular thing! This was a little long but I figure you'll all understand that I needed to gush about how great Patty is!
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Postby sfboy » Thu Apr 03, 2008 11:25 pm

Thanks for sharing your experience! It sounds wonderful. Wow, Summertime...what a treat.

Thanks again.

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