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Postby sfboy » Thu Aug 28, 2008 5:42 pm

HI all. Well, Karen did an amazing job already, so I'll just add my little bit to her spot on review.

I met with 13 other Patty fans for dinner that night, so it was a really fun way to start. The Bay Area, if you haven't lived here, is hardly ever warm at night. If you're down near San Jose, then more so, but it's still kind of rare. But it was one of those nights. I've gone to the Mountain Winery probably 25 times and NEVER not covered up as the night wore on. That night was the first night. The updated venue is much more aesthetically pleasing than the old one, though I have to say I found the bleachers under a tree kind of charming. But the new seats are much more comfortable, and the floor is sloped for betting viewing. And the background, as Karen said, is an old winery building, with ivy growing all over it. Really really lovely.

Amos Lee was wonderful. A lot of you mentioned him on this board, so I'll just hop on the bandwagon. His music is lively, melodic, and for me it has its roots in Motown. He sounds just a little like Keb Mo'. He and his band signed CDs during the intermission AND after Patty's set, which I thought was really nice. And he indeed said that no one in the industry, which has, in his words, a lot of "snarky" people", has ever said anything negative about what Patty does. I thought that was a really nice thing to say.

First, my overall impressions. Patty looked amazing. Again, as Karen said, she was wearing a green crochet dress, which I guess had an undergarment sewn into it on the inside. She was wearing some brown highish heels, too. She came out just radiant, and she smiled a ton. She projected happiness, which was lovely.

It was a really different type of Patty show for me, sort of reminiscent of her 1,000 Kisses tour. Michael was on drums and had cut his hair really short and grown a short mustache. Then there was Stefano (whose last name I've forgotten) on piano and accordian and a bassist, whose whole name I've forgotten. He played an acoustic, upright bass. Patty either played guitar (mostly acoustic) or just sang. It was almost an unplugged sound, though the arrangements were anything but. Chief, Tony, No Bad News, and Truth #2 all really moved. And she went from bluesy (the first 2 songs) to countryish (Chief) to Change (bluesy rock) to acoustic to jazzy (Go Now) to salsaesque (Mil Besos) without (pardon the pun) missing a beat. Even though it wasn't my dream setlist, it came out as a magical melange of music that was pure Patty. I found it the most varied stylistically of any concert I've seen her do, and one of, if not the most, memorable. I'd read the setlists of the Colorado shows but had kind of forgotten them, so I really was kind of surprised by the different directions she kept taking. She talked a lot (about how Los Gatos looked like a Hollywood set, about the eagles flying around that Michael said were turkey vultures but which she was going to believe were eagles, and about how she had the "lowest standards" of any musician as far as tuning went (in reference to having to retune during Truth #2--it was shockingly out of tune, but "her guitar was drinking, not her".

Some song by song comments:

I thought the first 2 songs were the weakest, though still really nice. It's just my personal opinion, but I don't think St. Christopher does much to showcase her amazing voice. But I'm nitpicking.

Chief is one of my all time favorite Patty songs, and it sounded just right with the accordian.

Change was probably the highlight for me (well, one of the highlights!) Her vocals were mixed perfectly for that song (at least from where I was sitting---more on that later). It sounded sharp and clean and passionate and I think most of the audience didn't know the song because when it pauses near the end, before Patty starts in again with "So you change, and you change..." people started clapping, but then quickly quieted and the songs climaxed again.

Her solo set was amazing. The new country inspired song was haunting and beautiful. It mentioned borders again,and I guess when you live in Texas that's a logical image to use. It reminded me just a tad of Railroad Wings in its lyrics, though not musically. It's very melodic and HAS to be on her next CD. Little God was a huge shock, and as Karen said, people laughed at some of the lyrics. She introduced it as a song "for someone I worked with, a strange little man in a business suit, and not a friend". She didn't go up for the high notes at the end like on the CD, but kept them in that low range before she goes up. It looked like a fairly complicated song to play, but it sounded really nice. I much prefer it that way to the record, though I like both. She then said that she had been lucky to record a song with Mavis Staples, which will come out soon, and then sang it. The title was something like Waiting for My Child to Come Home. It was a beautiful Gospel song. Again, Patty's gospel songs are not my favorites, but in this concert, where you could never anticipate even the style of the next song, it worked beautifully. I felt like I was being treated to a home concert, not something she thought was right for a thousand people, but I think that was a really smart move on her part. Nothing was stale.

Almost before that song ended the band snuck (sneaked? I"m an English teacher and should know that) out and started Go Now. Patty smiled a ton during that song, and for me it changed from a sort of saddish song to a much more complicated, nostalgic one.

Truth #2, after the tuning, rocked rocked rocked. People ate that one up. And Tony was great. On her last tour, she did that one w/ her full band at the Warfield in SF, and though I was happy to hear it I didn't think the arrangement was all that great. It sounded even more rocking here, with fewer instruments. And apropos of absolutely nothing, I really watched her face when she sang the lines "Saw that little faggot" and "death came to the local fag" just because I wondered, even though it's totally in character for the song, whether she might ever feel weird about saying those words in front of so many people. Not that I could tell.

Mil Besos was a tour de force. She danced a little, smiled a lot, and belted the chorus out while curling around the verses. My roommate's boyfriend, who is from Colombia and had never even heard her sing before that concert, said that it brought a tear to his eye. (NB-it was also the only song that Patty had words on the stage for).

Be Careful was, as always, sparse and beautiful.

Stay on the Ride also did amazingly well with the small band. Very funky.

No Bad News rocked. It kicked butt. It smoked. She wailed on her ol' acoustic guitar and it was seriously infectious. You could not be alive and not bop along.

She went off the stage, and then came back for a 3-song encore. Nobody's Crying was, as always, haunting, though we almost didn't get to hear the 2nd half. When she got to "Well a long night turns into..." she accidentally said "Where the very loud voices" and then tried to just strum through that verse and start in at the chorus, but then she forgot that, too, and stopped. She started talking about a little song that she had and it looked like she was going to sing that, but then she went back into Nobody's Crying and finished. It was gorgeous.

And then she shooed the band off, and introduced the graduation song that she'd written instead of a speech. She said that since she'd mentioned it to us (while she was thinking about what to do after she'd stopped during Crying Over), she should play it for us. She also remarked that she'd graduated from high school, class of 82 (good year, Patty---me too!!) and then sang the song a capella. It was basically a song about meeting the future, and knowing that there will be lots of great times and then sad ones, too. So many people could try to write a song about the same topic, yet none would use the images that she did to get the point across. I can't remember them except for a "boat without an oar", but it was really powerful in its poetic simplicity. It's like they tell people when you write a short story or a poem, never put in one extra word. It talked about not knowing whether you'd ever see a person again (presumably the person you're graduating with), but of course it applies to anyone and everyone. My friend, whose daughter is a senior in high school this year, said she was really moved by it. Leave it to Patty to be asked to speak at a graduation and write a song instead, and not just a song, but a poetic, sparse, wonderful, beautiful song. Remember what Amos Lee said??????

The final song was Up to the Mountain. I really liked it, though I kind of have no memory of it. I think I knew it was the last song, and I kind of started feeling overwhelmed. So I honestly have no memory of it. Weird, huh?

Now, if you don't want to read the rest, feel free to stop.

Sitting in the front row, smack dab center, was beyond belief. You could see everything, and surprisingly enough, the sound was excellent. AND PATTY TALKED TO US!!! I was with my boyfriend Toni and one of my best friends, Lisa, who adores Patty to tears. At some point Patty said, "So I bet all of you are bankers and computer people (Saratoga is very close to Silicon Valley)", and Lisa shouted out, "Teachers, too" (we both teach ESL to adults). So Patty looked at us and said, "All three of you?" I have no idea how she knew that we were together. I'd always heard that performers can't really see the audience, but she had definitely noticed. Toni said that he wasn't, and then Patty said, "So this is kind of your last big weekend (right before Labor Day), you're going back to school next week" and I said "Two weeks ago, actually" and she said "Two weeks ago? That just shows that we're really not an agrarian society anymore"(Kids used to have to help their parents harvest the crops and wouldn't be able to go to school so soon, right?)

Then, later in the concert, she said "Thanks for coming out on a school night" and looked straight down at us. I know, she was talking to everyone, but I swear to whoever the God/Goddess of music is, it seemed like she was talking right to us. I almost plazted (died, for you non-Yiddish speakers).

And, the other really funny part was that Lisa and I are both concert dancers. I hate not being able to get up during a show if it's really rocking, but people at the Mountain Winery almost never dance. I usually have what I think are stupid ideas that turn out to be really lame, but this one worked. Before the concert I burned 3 Patty shows (all shows that had been broadcast on the radio, a slightly lesser boot evil?) and before the show started, I gave them to each of the people behind us, kind of as a bribe. It was kind of funny. The each thought I was trying to sell them something, until they realized that all I wanted to do was give them a Patty concert in exchange for being able to stand up and dance for 1 or 2 songs. It worked like a charm. When No Bad News started, Lisa and I cautiously got off our butts and the people behind us motioned for us to dance. And Patty again looked down at us and kind of smiled and encouraged us to get up. So we danced. Very very fun. And leaving the concert, one of the ushers, quite a ways away, said, "You guys were the ones who danced! You guys were great!". Two other people said that as we walked to the car. So for one night, we really were dancing Patty fools.

I'm still walking on air.

Thanks for all the nice comments on the board, by the way. I can't tell you how fun it is to read your reviews and be able to gush on and on and on.

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Postby sfboy » Thu Aug 28, 2008 5:43 pm


Terry, I can't wait to hear about the San Diego show. Have a great great time.

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Postby TontoBronto » Thu Aug 28, 2008 6:03 pm

FWIW, for those who may never have heard the original Tom Waits song "Hang On St. Christopher": ... NkUwTVE9PQ

I'm trying to imagine what Patty did with this (for me, the horns of the original are so burned into my memory that I'm having a hard time imagining them gone).
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Postby Little_Kites » Thu Aug 28, 2008 8:32 pm

Tonto Yoder wrote:FWIW, for those who may never have heard the original Tom Waits song "Hang On St. Christopher": ... NkUwTVE9PQ

I'm trying to imagine what Patty did with this (for me, the horns of the original are so burned into my memory that I'm having a hard time imagining them gone).

Thank you! Well Patty did a good job with Ruby's Arms so maybe thats a good sign!
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Lyrics to the new song.

Postby kevin2441 » Thu Aug 28, 2008 10:23 pm

New Song (You'll be on your way)..... (my guess at the title)

As Soon as this is over
you'll be on your way.
Today could be the last day
I ever see your face.

As soon as this is over
you'll be at the door (possibly "out" instead of "at")
the freedom bells are broken and
the poor will still be poor.

And there'll be bankers and shiny shoes
and row boats with no oars.
And days all strung together
from no one making war.

There'll be holes in all your pockets
cartwheels on the lawn.
Sunsets at forever and
northern lights at dawn.

And there'll be chances and dancers
dancing in a line.
And cancers and quicksand
and running out of time.

So may you be lucky, may you be strong
may you live well, may you live long.
May you taste, may you touch, give all your heart
and still have too much.

For as soon as this is over
you'll be on your way.
Today could be the last day
I ever see your face.

sung "a capella"
just beautiful

no, not that one.
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Postby lily » Thu Aug 28, 2008 11:54 pm

Oooh, she put Till the Morning on the set? Man! I swear, she better play that in Santa Fe.

The graduation song seems to be making the rounds, because that's the same one she played in Aspen. It is really pretty.

And Kevin, that's the cutest thing ever!

Karen, great job reporting! Was the green dress (I'm trying to remember what the Emmylou tribute one looked like) multi-green colored? As in the same one she wore to Thirsty Ear in Santa Fe a few years back or a different green crochet one?
And I'm so glad I'm not the only one who noticed the guitar changes. I thought I was going nuts in Aspen... I really miss the sparkly red strap, which the leather-silver one seems to have replaced.

And other Kevin, did you get a recording of the new graduation song or did you just get that all during one listen and some seriously fast writing?
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Postby keith from ny » Fri Aug 29, 2008 11:27 am

Wow -- great review, and obviously a great experience! Thanks a bunch, Kevin (you dancing fool ;)).
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Postby bobbyd » Fri Aug 29, 2008 4:46 pm

I have so enjoyed reading the reviews of Patty's Mountain Winery show!! And it sounds like the Solana Beach show was amazing--I like the idea of being able to move around to the Patty vibe!

I follow a number of musicians closely, but seldom do I see such top-notch reporting in their forums!! I did attend the Mountain Winery show, and loved it, "it" being both Patty's show (she seemed fired up and sort of liberated by her new band!), and the venue itself--best outdoor venue I've ever been to (even though I had formerly been disappointed with the place)

I've seen Patty at least 10 times, and this was one of the shows where it felt like she was taking it up out of the stratosphere. The audience was cool--enough Patty die-hards that she knew we were with her, and my 6th row seat was amazing--because the venue has been renovated in the stadium seating mold--it seemed as if Patty were directly across from us, almost as if I could reach out and touch her. Basically, intensely intimate, and the sound was perfect.

I'm recently married, and this was my wife's first show. Basically she was just swooning over Patty most of the night--putty in Patty's hands I'd say.

I got stuck with 2 extra tickets and didn't have anything to do with them, so 2 hours before the show, having grown up around 2 miles from the venue as the crow flies, I got the brilliant idea to call my parents, not thinking they'd actually go for it. After all, they're both 80 years old. But they did!! My mom is one sweet woman, so needless to say, more putty in Patty's hands! My dad liked it too, though I'm guessing a few of the rockers were a little much for a guy who grew up on the Carter Family and the like. But having my folks there made the whole evening all the more emotional for me, and I tend to bet pretty moved by Patty anyway.

I enjoyed watching Kevin head-bobbin' throughout the show--it's so important to see folks moving and not sitting like zombies when someone like Patty is ON! Wish I coulda been at that Bellyup show!

A friend of mine saw the Santa Barbara show and sounds like it didn't take off quite as much as Solana Beach and Saratoga. He said that at one point Patty mentioned that the Santa Barbara folks seemed so refined and that the folks the night before were more nerdy, but that she's more of a nerd herself! So maybe "nerd" is a compliment in the context?
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Postby kevin2441 » Fri Aug 29, 2008 7:24 pm

lily wrote:
The graduation song seems to be making the rounds, because that's the same one she played in Aspen. It is really pretty.

And other Kevin, did you get a recording of the new graduation song or did you just get that all during one listen and some seriously fast writing?

Some people have a photographic memory. I have a digital one :-)
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Postby jessebearauntie » Wed Dec 03, 2008 9:02 pm

Hi Gang:

Here is a short clip of Patty playing Little God at the Mountain Winery concert. I shot the video using my cell phone so the quality is poor but you get the idea :wink:


[url]<embed width="448" height="361" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" src="">[/url]
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Postby marybeth » Thu Dec 04, 2008 2:51 am

Thanks for posting that! Even with the technical glitches, it was great to once hear Patty singing that live. That must have been an awesome moment. Funny how everyone laughed when she sang the stripper line.


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