3 Girls & Their Buddy- Seattle on July 1, 2009

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3 Girls & Their Buddy- Seattle on July 1, 2009

Postby Arlene » Thu Jul 02, 2009 10:07 am

There were two shows in Seattle. Here's the review of Steve Berry from the Emmylou Yahoo site for the July 1, 2009 show:

"Aren't I the luckiest guy in the world?" This was the question that
Buddy Miller asked, and I'd have to agree. He's touring the country
with three silver-voiced singers/songwriters, and he gets to play his
songs, too. His accompaniment on electric and acoustic guitars was
note perfect, just cementing his position -- in my opinion -- as one
of the better guitarists active today.

This concert was in the form of a songwriter's circle, with each
artist singing a song and the others helping out on guitar or vocal.
This was the first of two performances at the Woodland Park Zoo, and
the weather was perfect.

Here's the song list with some comments from the singers:

To open, Emmylou, Patty and Shawn harmonized on a "song for our
Buddy": "To Know Him is to Love Him"

Round 1
Emmylou sang "Red Dirt Girl." Patty sang a song from her forthcoming
gospel album: "If I Had My Way" and then she sang her "Zoo Song": Down
at the zoo / They all ask for you." Shawn sang a cover of Donovan's
"Catch the Wind." Buddy sang "Shelter Me" with some great three-part
harmonies by the others

Round 2
Acknowledging that it was Canada Day, they decided to perform a round
of Canadian songs (or songs that had some Canadian connection."
Emmylou sang "Evangeline" and Patty, saying that her family history is
Acadian, sang "J'irai La Voir Un Jour". Shawn sang a song by The Band:
"It Makes No Difference". Buddy said he doesn't know any Canadian
songs, but he sang "Walk Away Renee" (it isn't a French song but it
does have "Renee" in it")

Round 3
Emmylou and Buddy sang "My Antonia" and Emmylou played a pretty
open-tuned guitar. Patty announced she would sing a song written about
"either an old boyfriend or a president or vice-president, I can't
remember; there was a lot going on at the time" and sang a fiery "No
Bad News." Shawn sang "Crazy, Just Like Me." Buddy sang the title song
from his most recent album, "Gasoline and Matches" with some harmony
from Patty.

Round 4
Emmylou sang "All I Left Behind" which she wrote with Kate and Anna
McGarrigle. Patty sang another new song: I don't know the title, but
the hook is "I'm Going to Miss You When You're Gone." Shawn sang an
unexpected treat: a cover of Judee Sill's "There's A Rugged Road" with
wonderful harmonies by the others. Buddy asked if there were any
Johnny and Jack fans in the audience, and went on to explain that
Johnny and Jack was a duo, contemporaries of the Louvin Brothers,
"with a standup bass player to held a maraca in his right hand so he
was also the drummer". Buddy then sang their song "Poison Love."

Round 5
Emmylou started with a beautiful "Prayer in Open D." Patty then
explained that they had a toy monkey mascot named Phil who "used to do
backflips until Emmylou broke his arm. But we brought some of Phil's
friends along to sing harmony." She then sang "Mad Mission" with
raucous toy monkey cries during the chorus. Shawn sang "That's the Way
Love Goes" and Buddy sang a Stephen Bruton song: "Heart of Hearts."

In closing, they all sang together on another song from Patty's
forthcoming album, which I'll call "No More Sighs" since I don't know
the title.

For the encore, they harmonized like angels on "Bright Morning Stars"
and closed with Patty Griffin's wonderful song "Mary" with the four of
them harmonizing like angels.
"You've got to sing like you don't need the money, love like you'll never get hurt. You've got to dance like no one is watching. It's gotta come from the heart, if you want it to work."
~Susannah Clark

"Ginger Rogers did everything that Fred Astaire did. She just did it backwards and in high heels." ~Molly Ivins

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