Chicago House of Blues

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Chicago House of Blues

Postby elcorazon » Sun Jun 20, 2010 8:25 am

First of all, I will start with the comment that Downtown Church is not my favorite Patty record. Not even close. It is likely my least favorite. I miss her writing and neither of the originals is among her best work, in my opinion.

But this tour is the best Patty's ever been, at least from what I've seen. Only the Schubas' shows upon release of Children Running Through can compare, and the venue had a lot to do with the awesomeness of those shows.

This time, Patty was just so damn comfortable and so clearly enjoying herself and singing with such variety and pristine perfection. I just can't describe how great she was.

The setlist was typical, with most of Downtown Church, the Waylon Jennings cover, plus Heavenly Day, Standing, Love Throw a Line...

when doing her solo stuff, she did Mary, No Bad News, Get Ready Marie...

Up To the Mountain was an encore along with Why Get Up (Fabulous Thunderbirds) - I'm probably forgetting something, but that's the gist of it.

Was worried about the show because it was a Friday night and all of us had had crazy days/weeks and were tired and didn't have seats and we were all kinda hungry and crabby and had to eat a quick bite then missed the start of Buddy's set, but in the end we all had a blast (the others are not nearly the Patty fan I am).

Buddy was great, but as we walked in a few moments late we were standing near a bar by some loud obnoxious folks who kinda ruined the experience for me. Before Patty we got up closer on the floor and the crowd was less of a distraction.

I'm sure there's more to add, but that's about it for now.
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