2/6/09 3 Girls in Glenside, Pa at The Keswick

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Postby sfboy » Wed Mar 25, 2009 2:02 pm

Of course I agree that Patty's opinion matters. That being said, I think that in this day and age it's a little unrealistic to not expect some of your live shows to be recorded. I can understand feeling like you don't want them out there, but I don't really think that having that expectation is very productive. And if I had my 30 minutes with her, or even just 10, I'd say that the people who listen to her taped shows are the same people who promote her music by playing here for other people, buying concert tickets for friends, buy CDs instead of burning them, and just in general making new Patty fans. And we (oops, I mean they) are never critical of those shows. For me it's the sincerest form of flattery. It's saying, I can't wait for a new CD or to see you live again. I need to hear you sing something different. Your music is essential to me. Which of us has ever not gone to a Patty concert because we already had a boot of a concert from the same tour? Again, I respect Patty and her opinion, but I will still collect her shows, albeit in forms that she puts up with.

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Postby gala002 » Wed Mar 25, 2009 3:41 pm

And so I will too. Thanks to my friend Kevin. You really put on paper what's in my mind.
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Postby keith from ny » Thu Mar 26, 2009 5:36 am

IBeacher wrote:
keith from ny wrote:I certainly sympathize with your perspective Denis, but our opinion doesn't count as much as Patty's -- it's her music. There are other artists I love who seem to feel the same way, like Neko Case (who has gone on record in interviews as being a control freak). I'm just grateful Patty tolerates unauthorized recordings being shared among her fans on CDs, a lot of artists even discourage that.

That said, I'd love half an hour alone with her to try to change her mind! ;)

Just let her listen to one of your great recordings. That will change her mind.

Well I really appreciate that Terry (and I do take pride in my "work"), but I can assure you they're not as great as professionally miked, mixed and mastered 16- or 32-track recordings! And we're talking about someone who spent a week auditioning different microphones to find the best one for capturing her voice on her most recent album. I agree with Kevin that it's not realistic given the state of today's digital electronics to expect your shows not to be recorded, but I can understand where the artists who dislike it are coming from. As professional musicians and recording artists, they have very high standards regarding what represents a "good" live recording. And one thing I'd mention to Patty (along with a lot of that stuff Kevin said so eloquently about the fans who listen to these tapes) is that us tapers could make her inevitable unofficial live recordings sound better if we were able to use full-sized gear at her concerts. I have tapes of Cowboy Junkies, Ryan Adams, Over the Rhine and Eilen Jewell that sound way better fidelity-wise than any recordings I've made of Patty.
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keith from ny
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Postby IBeacher » Thu Mar 26, 2009 10:05 am

I actually prefer the raw bootlegs without all the bells and whistles. I want the show to sound like I was there and not something remixed or professionally done. I'm not really even a fan of soundboard recordings because you generally lose the audience. Half the benefit of an audience recording is hearing the audience's excitement. That's one of the things I enjoy when listening to your Beacon Theater show.
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