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Little God


(transcribed from an acoustic performance at The Fez on 11-21-99) Tuning: GGDGBD Open, no capo G: 000000 G/G#: X10000 Cm: 005540 G#: 111111 D#: 888888 Bb: 333333 Intro and verse pattern: G G/G# G G/G# [-----------------------------][---------------------------------] [-----------------------------][---------------------------------] [---------0----------------0--][--------------0---------------0--] [-----0----------------0------][----------0---------------0------] [-0------------0---1----------][--1---0-----------0---1----------] [-----------------------------][---------------------------------] G G/G# G G/G# G G/G# G G/G# Good morning little god, I see you've come for me again G G/G# G G/G# G G/G# G G/G# With the news between your teeth, you are not my friend Cm G G/G# G G/G# Pouring little cups of tea, humming a little tune Cm G G/G# G G/G# G You sit across from me, and fill my little room, little god Smoke is in the air from your little cigarettes You tell me to throw the fight, go and place your little bets Shake, little god, shake your little fists All the strippers think you're odd, but you leave the biggest tips, little god G# D# Bb G# Where, oh where did I leave myself today? G# D# Bb G# In the bed, on the chair, did I send myself away Bb G# Bb G G/F# G G/F# On a sleepy afternoon, will I be returning soon Laugh your little laugh, stomp your little feet They talk behind your back, all these people that you meet They say time is running out, and you don't know what to do And you hear them talk about another place to live, but not with you Little god

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All tabs transcribed by Matt Morrow unless otherwise noted

All photos © Traci Goudie