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One More Girl


Capo: 3 Tuning: DADGBE Here's the deal, I finally figured out where that slide you hear on the Silver Bell CD is coming from. She's playing the song in dropped-D tuning so that her middle finger can slide from the second to fourth fret between the A and G chords. Like this: G A G [---------0----][----------------][---------0----] [------------3-][---------2------][------------3-] [------4-------][------------2/4-][------4-------] [--------------][-----2----------][--------------] [--------------][--0-------------][--------------] [--5-----------][----------------][--5-----------] I'm not sure why I didn't think of that before. That means the chords are played like this: D: 000232 A: X02220 G: 550430 Bm: X24432 G A G A G A G A I took off my iron smile because I found it weighed me down G A G A G A G A Tomorrow when the world wakes up, I'll be in another town You don't know what you want, but at this moment it could be me You move your hand across my knee, turn me into some novelty D A G Guess I'm one more girl on a stage D A G One more ass that got stuffed in some jeans D A Bm One more day that you don't find true love G A G A Because you don't know what it means

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All tabs transcribed by Matt Morrow unless otherwise noted

All photos © Traci Goudie