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Sweet Lorraine


Standard tuning Open, no capo G: 320033 Cadd9: X32033 D: XX0232 Am: X02210 C: X32010 G Cadd9 D G Cadd9 D D G Cadd9 D Sweet Lorraine, a fiery haired, brown-eyed schemer G Cadd9 D Who came from a long line of drinkers and dreamers G Cadd9 D Who knew that sunshine don't hold up to dark G Cadd9 D Whose business fail who sleep in the park G Cadd9 D Lorraine, who spoke of paintings in Paris G Cadd9 D And outlandish things to her family just to scare us G Cadd9 D Whose heart went poking where it shouldn't ought Cadd9 G D Whose mother could only spit at the thought Cadd9 G Cadd9 D Lorraine, sweet Lorraine Her father would tear out like a page of the Bible Then he'd burn down the house to announce his arrival Her mother was working and never was home Lorraine carved out a little life of her own Lorraine started working, Lorraine went to school Her mother threw stones at her on the day that she moved Well, now isn't that a very strange thing to do For someone who never really wanted you Lorraine, sweet Lorraine Am C Her daddy called her a slut and a whore G D On the night before her wedding day Am C The very next morning at the church D Cadd9 Her daddy gave Lorraine away, Lorraine away, Lorraine G Cadd9 D Sweet Lorraine In the battle of time in the battle of will Oh, it's only your hope and your heart that gets killed And it gets harder and harder Lorraine to believe in magic Honey, when what came before you is so very tragic Lorraine, sweet Lorraine (end on D)

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All tabs transcribed by Matt Morrow unless otherwise noted

All photos © Traci Goudie