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Standard tuning Capo: 1 F: XX3211 C: X32010 G: 320003 Am: X02210 F(barre): 133211 F C G (4x) C G F C Let's go to the waterslide down on A1A C G F G We'll all get a cherry drink and we'll have a ball today F G Am Just gas up the Country Squire and take the cornbag down F G C Honey, let's go to the waterslide and slide a couple rounds F C G F C G F C G F C G Watersli - i - ide, oh-woah, oh - woah waterslide Let's all go to Smoky Shore and ride some of those rides They're gonna roast some nuts and fry some dough and light some of those lights inside It really is almost grand rising from a parking lot Well I know that it ain't Disneyland, but baby, this is all that we've got Waterslide, oh, waterslide Em Am F People say that we're just second class and we barely pass along day to day Em Am F(barre) G Maybe darling, we got broken glass, but our love still lasts and that's all I can say Waterslide, oh, waterslide Baby, let's all go back home, we'llget the kids washed good I'll go lay them down to bed while you check that smell from under the hood We'll put the last buck in the jar and save up for next year Honey, then we'll go and lock the door locks so they can't hear Waterslide, oh, waterslide

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All tabs transcribed by Matt Morrow unless otherwise noted

All photos © Traci Goudie