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Falling Down


Tuning: DADDAD Capo: 1 D: 000000 G: 550000 A: 770000 G2: 555555 A2: 777777 Bm: 999999 This song is hard to explain. When she plays the strings "open" she is actually hammering on and off between the fifth and seventh frets on the bottom string. Sometimes she'll slide down to the ninth fret and a few times she slides up to the fourth fret also, so just ad lib it for the most part. The tab would look something like this: D--5h7--7-7-7--5-5--5h7--7-7-7s9--9-9-7--5--5h7-7-7--- A---0---0-0-0--0-0---0---0-0--0---0-0-0--0---0--0-0--- D---0---0-0-0--0-0---0---0-0--0---0-0-0--0---0--0-0--- D---0---0-0-0--0-0---0---0-0--0---0-0-0--0---0--0-0--- A---0---0-0-0--0-0---0---0-0--0---0-0-0--0---0--0-0--- D---0---0-0-0--0-0---0---0-0--0---0-0-0--0---0--0-0--- So basically just fiddle around on that string with those frets whenever you play the D chord. D D D D Falling down, I'm falling down, I need to sleep, come a long long way G G D D No time for weeping, no time for weeping, quiet now, I'm falling down D I'm falling down I have told a million tales, I have heard a million more Some of them must have been true, but I don't know anymore I'm falling down A2 G2 A2 G2 So do your dance on my head, heavy steps of the dead Bm A2 D A Everything the snow surrounds, I'm falling, falling D G Falling, falling D A D Falling, falling down

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All tabs transcribed by Matt Morrow unless otherwise noted

All photos © Traci Goudie